Adding Spreadsheet to your Confluence pages

Once the plugin is installed, Spreadsheet is available as a macro in a Confluence page.

When your are creating or editing a page, if you want to add a Spreadsheet, simply follow these instructions:

  1. Click "+" in the action bar to open the "Insert more content" menu. Then click on "Other macros".
  2. In the search box at the upper-right start typing "Spreadsheet", when you see the Spreadsheet macro, select it.
  3. From here you can choose to start a new document, use or copy an existing document, or import an existing Spreadsheet/Excel document.

Optionally, on Server / Data canter, you can trigger this screen (below) by typing directly "{spreadsheets" in your page to activate Confluence's macro insertion syntax and selecting the Spreadsheets option. Cloud is behaving in the same way, except you will need to type "/spreadsheet".

Create new spreadsheet

Saving and exiting Spreadsheets

To save your document you must give it a name.

Name your Spreadsheet document

Once your document has a name, save it by clicking the Save icon in the editor toolbar OR clicking on the validation icon in the top-right of the header bar OR typing the shortcut CTLR+S.

Saving a spreadsheet

Each spreadsheet is saved as an attachment. Learn more...

After you've named and saved your document click the Close icon in the top-right of the header bar to leave full screen editor. Then you will be able to edit your Spreadsheet document either on view mode, either on edit mode of Confluence page. 

Close Spreadsheet