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Collaborative edition

Currently, it's not possible for multiple users to edit the same document. In order to avoid losing data, an Elements Spreadsheet document can only be edited by one user at the same time.

An "Elements Spreadsheet document" is equivalent to a Confluence attachment (two Spreadsheet macros can reference the same document)

What happens if two users try to edit the same document?

The first user will have access to the document in edit mode, and the second will have a read-only access. In addition:

  • the first user (editor) will be notified that the second user is trying to edit the document
  • the second user (read-only) will be notified that the first user is currently editing the document

Any other users requesting to edit the document will have the same notification as the second user.

How do I know when the document is editable again?

Any user in read-only mode will receive a notification when the editor user leaves the document. By closing and re-opening the document, the user can open the document in edit mode.

Can the document be locked if the editor user leaves the document without properly saving or closing?

No, because its access will be reset after a short period (~ 20 secondes)

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