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Formatting cells

Standard formatting

AutoThis is the default cell format. When a date, number or percentage is detected in the input value of the cell then the adequate formatting is applied without changing the "Auto" format attached to the cell.


No transformations are applied on the cell content. If the previous format of cell was Number, than only the display changes. 

Example: "123 456.7800" is a number displayed with 4 digits after dot. With Text format it is displayed "123456.78"


Displays the cell content as a number, right-aligned. If the cell value is not a number, the cell content is not transformed.


Same effect as the "Number" format. Also adds a percent symbol after the number.

Example: "0.58" is transformed to "58%"


Currencies are formatted according to your Confluence instance language.

FormattingDisplayed currency




Indian Rupee
Pound Sterling£
Russian Ruble
Swiss FrancCHF
Japanese Yen¥


You can use the '//' (double slash) Confluence shortcut to add a date into a cell.



Displays the cell content as a Confluence date, editable via a date picker.

(warning) Datetime & Time formatting have been taken off until a Time picker will be provided.


This format is fully compatible with formulas, so that you can easily handle calculations based on the boolean value as illustrated below.



Displays the cell content as an editable Checkbox

The checkbox has a boolean value that is FALSE by default when the cell is empty. Double clicking on the cell will active the edit mode, so you should see the value TRUE or FALSE of the checkbox. 

To remove a checkbox, you can simply type "Delete" so that the cell selected is reset as "Auto". It is fully compatible with Excel, word or PDF export. 

(warning) Please be aware that adding a checkbox on a selected cell containing data other than a boolean should render nothing, the cell must be empty or have a boolean value first. 

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