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Getting started with Spreadsheet

Elements Spreadsheet is the most user-friendly and feature-rich spreadsheets editor for Confluence, offering a wide range of features to enrich your tables inside Confluence.  The purpose is simple: be able to manage advanced tables into your Confluence pages. Our collaborative tool will give you access to many editing features like:

  • Building dynamic tables and run calculations using over 400 formulas

  • Quickly and easily organizing your data, with date pickers, user mentions, drop-down lists, and filters

  • Adding complex spreadsheets to your Confluence page with just one click with the help of templates

  • Bringing data to life with beautiful charts, transforming complex project data into actionable insights

  • Importing and exporting to and from Excel with just a press of a button

  • Sharing and collaborating on your spreadsheets with a seamless integration in Confluence

  • Fully personalizing table designs and layouts, with custom colors

In this section, you'll find all the information to get started with Elements Spreadsheet:

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