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Headers and footers

Elements Spreadsheet provides the capability to define header and footer rows. 

This NEW feature is available since the version 3.1.

Purpose of headers and footers

This feature is designed to help you organizing and browsing your spreadsheet data with :

  • Compatibility with Confluence table headers
  • Sorting function
  • Filtering function (coming soon)

Compatibility with Confluence table

When creating a table in the Confluence editor, you can specify a line as a header. Thereby, when you are browsing the Confluence page, this header line allows you to sort the data and is fixed (the header line remains visible when you are scrolling the table content) :

Table header and footer

Filtering and sorting Spreadsheet

Elements Spreadsheet is compatible with these behaviors. If you are using one or more headers rows in your spreadsheet document, it will be rendered in the same way as a Confluence table, allowing you to use the native Confluence table sort and fixed header.

These features are currently not available with the new Confluence cloud editor.


When headers and footers rows are used, only the rows between the last row header and the first row footer are sorted. This can be useful to avoid sorting table headers or footers calculations. Furthermore, when rows are set as headers, the column 

How to use them

Currently, the Elements Spreadsheet editor allows you to define up to three rows for a header, three header columns, and three footer rows.

  • The header rows must be consecutive relative to the first row (top)
  • The footer rows must be consecutive relative to the last row (bottom)
  • The header columns must be consecutive relative to the first column (left)

You can enable and disable them by using the toolbar button, or via the context menu.


Row can be set as row header

Column can be set as column header

Row can be set as row footer

Row cannot be set as row header

Column cannot be set as column header

Row cannot be set as row footer

Row is set as row header or can be unset to a normal row

Column is set as column header, or can be set as normal column

Row is set as footer from the last row, or can be unset to a normal row

When using headers and/or footers, some constraints are applied on your document to preserve sorting / filtering options :

  • Inserting lines/columns before a header or after a footer is not possible
  • A cell selection mixed from a header/footer and non-header/footer areas cannot be merged
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