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How to edit a Spreadsheet in a Confluence page created from a global template?

This feature relates to Confluence Cloud.

This how-to article is the next logical outcome of this how-to article: How to insert a Spreadsheet macro in a global template

We assume here that you previously created a page from a template (refer to this Atlassian documentation for more information) where a Spreadsheet was inserted.

After selecting the template page, the Spreadsheet will be displayed on the page. 

In the event where a template page was created for a specific space, only template pages specific to the current space will be available for use. 

  • You can simply click the Edit icon located at the bottom of the macro in order to edit it. 

  • Once you're done editing, simply save the Spreadsheet and close it. 
  • Publish your Confluence page, and that's it!

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