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Follow your employees onboarding process in Jira

Elements Checklist is being archived. For more information, read about the end of sales.

In this tutorial, we'll show you how you can use Elements Checklist to manage your onboarding process and save time.
You'll see how you can:

    • include all the information you need to take action instantly in your list using numerous fields attribute types.
    • build datasets for your smart lists that you can reuse in your issues every time a new employee joins the company.


Let's say you want to manage your new employees' onboarding process in Jira. As a HR manager, every time a new employee joins you have to create tasks and make sure they're completed by the right people.

While many tasks are the same for every new employees, some of them depend on their profile: an account manager needs a smartphone, an Atlassian consultant needs to be trained on the tools...

Listing these tasks manually can be quite tedious and Jira's out-of-the-box sub-tasks are heavy to maintain, while in this case the tasks quite simple and do not require a complex workflow.


In this tutorial, we'll see how you can configure Elements Checklist's Templates to solve this problem and prefill our onboarding tasks according to a specific employee role.

Here's how it will look like in Jira: 

Employee on boarding Checklist

How to create checklists to follow onboarding in Jira

Step 1 - Create a new Elements Checklist panel

  • Go to your project > Project administration > Elements Checklist and click on Create
  • Fill in the General settings tab:

    • Name: type in the name of your panel, e.g. "List of tasks"
    • Issue type: select which issue types will use this panel

Create a Checklist Panel

  • Fill in the Structure tab and add attributes. You will need three attributes: one briefly describing the task, one precising the owner and one to check if the task is done.

  • First attribute:
    • Name: type in the name of your attribute, e.g. "Task"
    • Type: select "Text"
    • Check "Mandatory" to ensure users input a value

Create a Text Panel attribute

  • Second attribute:
    • Name: type in "Owner"
    • Type: select "User" to be able to choose from your Jira users

Create a user Panel attribute

  • Third attribute:
    • Name: type in a space (" ")
    • Type: select "Checkbox"
    • Footer: select "Percentage checked"

Create a Checkbox Panel attribute

Step 2 - Configure templates

  • Go to the Templates tab and click on Create
  • You will create one template per custom field value. Let's say we base our templates on "Employee role" values and we have three roles available: Account Manager, Atlassian Consultant and Java Developer. We need to create three templates, one per role.

  • First template:

    • Name: Account Manager
    • JQL condition: project = PO and "Employee Role" = "Account Manager"
    • Tasks: type in the tasks needed in your template
    • Owners : select the Jira users in charge of each task

Onboarding Account manager Panel template

  • Second template:
    • Name: Atlassian Consultant
    • JQL condition: project = PO and "Employee Role" = "Atlassian Consultant"
    • Tasks: type in the tasks needed in your template
    • Owners : select the Jira users in charge of each task

Onboarding Atlassian consultant Panel template

  • Third template:
    • Name: Java Developer
    • JQL condition: project = PO and "Employee Role" = "Java Developer"
    • Tasks: type in the tasks needed in your template
    • Owners : select the Jira users in charge of each task

Onboarding Java developer Panel template


  • You can choose to auto populate the panel on issue creation (Server only) with the content of the first template that matches the issue, with the content of all the templates that match the issue, or you can chose not to auto populate on issue creation.

Step 3 - Publish panel

  • Click on "Publish panel" to enjoy your Elements Checklist's templates!

New to Elements Checklist? 

If this tutorial has stirred your imagination and you wish to save time on tasks creation, why not give Elements Checklist a try? 

• Try Elements Checklist for free •

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