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Configure a Google Sheet as a datasource


  • Have a Jira Cloud instance

  • Have Elements Connect installed on your instance

  • Have a Google Sheet

Configuration steps

  1. Google API configuration

  2. Elements Connect configuration

Google API configuration

Set up a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) project

Enable the Google Sheets API:Go to your new project

  • Go to your new project

  • Go to "APIs and services"

  • Go to "Library"
  • Search for "Google Sheets API" and enable it:

Create API Key

  • Still in your project, go back to "APIs and services"
  • Go to "Credentials"
  • Click on "Create credentials" and select "API key".
  • Copy the generated API key:

Configure API restrictions (optional):

For security and privacy reasons, you can edit your new API KEY and perform the following actions:

  • IP addresses restrictions:
    • Set application restriction to "IP addresses"
    • Add the IP addresses mentioned here:
  • Key restrictions:
    • Set "API restrictions" to "Restrict key"
    • Select the "Google Sheets API":

Authorize API Key in Google Sheets:

Share your Google Sheet with the email address associated with your previously created project or make it publicly accessible.

Elements Connect configuration

  • Go to the Elements Connect administration menu
  • Go to the Datasources tab
  • Create a new REST API datasource and configure it as follows:
    • API Base URL:
      (info) The Spreadsheet ID is the last string of characters in the URL for your spreadsheet. For example, in the URL, the spreadsheet ID is "1qpyC0XzvTcKT6EISywvqESX3A0MwQoFDE8p-Bll4hps".
    • Authentication:
      • Mode: API Key
      • Send in: Query parameter
      • Parameter name:
      • API Key: the API key you generated earlier in Google.
    • Then, click "Save" and "Test Connection":
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