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Configure Jira assets as a datasource



  1. Discover your Workspace ID

  2. Configure the Elements Connect datasource

  3. Endpoints examples

1. Discover your Workspace ID

 The Jira Service Management REST API uses the workspaceId to identify your individual instance of Assets. You must include the Workspace ID when making any calls to this REST API.

You can discover your Workspace ID through the following endpoint:


Replace YOUR_JIRA_BASE_URL according to your own Jira instance

Your workspace ID can be found here:

2. Configure the Elements Connect datasource

  • Go to Elements Connect administration by clicking on “Apps”, then Elements Connect:

    Access Elements Connect from Jira main page

  • Click on “Create datasource”:

    Elements Connect - Create datasource

  • Select “REST API”:

    Elements Connect - Select datasource type

  • Give your datasource a name, and configure it as follows:

    • Server Details:
      • API Base URL:
        (info) replace YOUR_WORKSPACE_ID accordingly
      • API Documentation:
      • API Test URL:
        (info) replace YOUR_WORKSPACE_ID accordingly

    • Authentication:
    • Click the “Test connection” button:

      Connection tester - Success

    • Save your datasource configuration. You’re all set!

3. Endpoints examples

Once your datasource is ready, you can create connected fields and retrieve different types of information.

All available endpoints are listed in this documentation: Assets REST API

Here are some examples:

a. Get all available assets

b. Get all available schemas

c. Get all object types belonging to a specific schema

d. Search for specific objects

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