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Custom fields - query and template configuration

This page explains how Connect custom fields work and how to configure them.

Note that there are 2 distinct ways of configuring a custom field, depending on the data source it's associated with:

  • Database


There are some similarities when configuring Connect custom fields and connected items.

You first configure a query which will fetch relevant results.
You'll then apply a template on each row of the fetched result set → Note that Connect custom field template is not compatible with Connected items' freemarker, only values from the result set can be displayed, raw.


  • For performance purposes, Elements Connect will only read the first 1,000 rows of a result set. To access the subsequent row, use the userInput parameter
  • A 5-minute, non-configurable, cache for the datasource exists. Identical queries will fetch the Connected item values directly in the cache

Data source type

The query and template item configuration is different if a SQL or REST API datasource is used

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