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Configure "Issues to do" Data Panel

This Data Panel provides an overview of all issues which are not currently under development. Only the relevant information is displayed:

  • Issue type
  • Issue key

  • Summary

  • Priority
  • Planned sprint for the issue
  • Fix version
  • Story points (Giving the team a sense of how much work is left in the epic)

Display tab

We will show this Data Panel on the left issue column, on the Agile boards and it will be visible only for the epics:

Issues in Epic Data Panel Display tab

"Content" tab

"Issues to display" section

Our data panel will display "To do" or "Defined" Jira issues and we will order them by "Priority".

Issues in Epic Data Panel Content tab

We will only list the issues that are part of the epic - that's why in the Link type we selected "is Epic of".

"Table" section

As you can see, the columns are configured to display only the relevant information.

We have configured a footer on the "Story points" section - we want to display the sum of Story points of the listed issues with the label "Story points"

Our first data panel is ready. Let's continue with "Issues in progress" Data Panel configuration. 

Configure "Issues in progress" Data Panel

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