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Configuring Local and Remote JIRA fields mapping

Fields Mappings listing

In the main screen of Fields Mapping, click "Add" to create JIRA fields mapping.

By default, the target of the mapping is the local Jira instance. If an application link is configured, it is also possible to select a remote Jira environment as a target platform.

This page also allows existing Fields Mappings to be edited, copied, or deleted.

Local and remote Jira field mapping
Fields Mapping listing tab

Fields Mappings configuration page

The Fields Mapping configuration page offers the possibility to set which fields will be copied in which fields.

Configure Local Jira field mapping

Configure Local Jira field mapping

There are two possible mapping modes : Fields to Field, and Advanced.

  • Field to field : select a target field, and the source field whose value will be copied.

By default, the source field selected is the same as the target field, it can be changed by editing the line in the Current mapping table.

Fields which are not of the same type can be mapped if the data they are expected to store are consistent.

  • Advanced : in more complex cases, it is possible to use Velocity variable to generate content on target fields. Here is the detailed list of Issue and current User Velocity variables you can reach to populate your target field.

It is possible to map a text field to a cascading select list with the following format: parent_value <separator> child_value. Expected separators are /, , (comma), : or -. If the child value is not found or if the text for the child value does not correspond to anything, only the parent is retained.

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