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Local Jira Content tab

This page allows you to select the linked issue fields you want to be displayed and their order of appearance.

Issues to display

Linked issues filter

This field allows you to select the issues which will be targeted by the data panel.
All the fields you want to appear on the data panel will be displayed for the selected type of issue specified in this field.
The issue selection requires a valid JQL request.

Link type

This multi-values field allows you to select the link types of the linked issues which will be displayed in the data panel.

Empty panel text

You can customize the message which will be seen when the Data Panel has no content.
This text will be displayed if the Link issues action is activated or if at least one Elements Copy & Sync operation is to be displayed in the Data Panel (this can be configured in the Actions tab).


Show headers

Here you can choose if you would like to display the Data Panel table headers or not.


In this section you can add or remove fields you want to be displayed. You can modify their order of appearance as well by dragging and dropping.

The check-box Link turns the selected field into a link to the issue when the user is on the issue view page.

If you would like to use a specific title for a column, you can check the option "Use title" and type the desired value in the title input field.

The "Field" dropdown list is divided into three sections:

  • System fields - all the native Jira system fields (like Summary or Fix version)

  • Custom fields - all the custom fields created by the Jira admins

  • Other - Misc section, for now only the "Link type" is available here

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