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Onboarding - Step 1 - Configure the field mappings

The Field mappings are where we define which field of the source issue will be injected in issues created with Elements Copy & Sync.
Because all our tasks have their own unique specificity (such as the summary), we'll have to create one field mapping per Elements Copy & Sync operation.

Let's take the example of "Order a Salesforce account task." In this operation we want to set the following fields:

  • Assignee: In our case, our IT manager
  • Summary: Name of the task + summary of the original issue (the employee's name)
  • Employee role: More information about the new employee (as a reference for the person in charge of the tasks)
  • Business unit: The location, which might have an impact on the tasks
  • Arrival date: Allowing our IT manager to know when he should schedule his tasks 

Here is our configuration:

Onboarding process field mapping

Notice in the usage of the advanced field mapping we mix free text with the summary of the source issue.

You can learn more about field mapping configuration here.

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