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Share information from linked issues - Configuration step

1 - Go to the global administration menu > Add-ons > Elements Copy & Sync configuration.

2 - Add a data panel by going to the Data panels tab > Add > Local JIRA:

data panel to share linked issues info in JSD

3 - Configure the display tab:

Share linked issues info in JSD portal

  • Choose carefully the data panel's name since it will be displayed on the customer portal.
  • Make sure Dispay in Management is set to "yes" - otherwise you won't see the linked issues in the customer portal.
  • Optional: configure a display JQL condition. This will restrict the issues where the linked issues are displayed.

In our case, we are creating a Data Panel dedicated to the Wifi access request type.

How to check the Customer Request Type value? Use Elements Copy & Sync JQL checker!

4 - Configure the Content tab:

data panel to share linked issues info in JSD

  • Configure the Linked issues filter if you need to restrict which linked issues will be displayed.
  • In the Columns section, add the fields that will be displayed on the data panel.

Do not tick Link since customers won't be able to go the internal issue anyway.

5 - Hit the Save button and enjoy your data panel!

data panel of linked issue in JSD portal

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