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Sync comments - Step 3 - Sync from JIRA Software to JIRA Service Management

Here is now the key configuration item. We would like the comments posted on the JIRA Software project to be visible on the synchronised JIRA Service Management project.

The configuration is very similar to the previous one.

In the Issues tab, set "Source issues", "Link direction" and "Target issues" as below. Remember the relevant synchronisation direction this time: JIRA Software → JIRA Service Management.

Synchronize comments from Jira to JSD

In the Author tab, select a Synchronisation Author. This user must be a JIRA Service Management Agent member of the Service Management Team in the target project, so as to be able to post public comments in the JSM project.

Synchronize comments from Jira to JSD

In the Fields tab, select a fields mapping (not necessarily the same way as in the previous synchronisation).

Synchronize comments from Jira to JSD

In the Comments tab, choose "Post a Synchronisation Author" and set the comment visibility in JIRA Service Management to Always public.

Synchronize comments from Jira to JSD

And you're done! Everything is set and your team can enjoy working in close collaboration.

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