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Synchronise comments between a JIRA Software and a JIRA Service Management project

Unhindered communication between your developers and your JIRA Service Management customers

Synchronise comments between JIRA Software and JSD project


Let's say there are two teams:

  • The support team using a JIRA Service Management project
  • The developer team using a JIRA Software project

Your agents create bugs and new feature requests from your JIRA Service Management project into your JIRA Software project (thanks to Elements Copy & Sync)!

However, the comments posted by your developers are not synchronised to your JIRA Service Management project and therefore are not visible to your customers.

For the team to post their comments on the JIRA Service Management project, they have to log-out and use a designated agent account. This is an unnecessary waste of time! 


Use Elements Copy & Sync to synchronise comments to your JIRA Service Management project which are posted by your development team. They will be posted by the appointed user 'Dev team', which has the agent role and thus comments will be visible to your customers.

You can also do the same thing the other way around: copy your customer's comments into your JIRA Software project - keeping your dev team in the loop. 

Let's get started

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