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Add labels to Confluence pages created from Jira


As a Confluence administrator, you want to make sure that your spaces are properly organized and easy to navigate. When adding articles to a knowledge base, it is often useful to add labels to the Confluence pages in order to categorize them.

Elements Publish to Confluence can copy the Jira labels to Confluence when a page is created, so it will always be easy to organize your documents.


In this example, we will create a Confluence page from an issue with the key SUP-1. This issue has two labels "Analysis" and "Post-Mortem".

This guide explains how to configure your recipe so that these two labels from SUP-1 are copied to the Confluence page created from it.


A recipe called "Add to Knowledge Base" has been created, activated, and is available on issue SUP-1.

This recipe is configured to create pages in a specific Confluence space, with a specific parent page.

Configuration steps

1 - As a Jira administrator, go to the "Elements Publish to Confluence" administration and click on Recipes in the navigation bar.

2 - In the Recipes listing page, select "Add to Knowledge Base" in the Active Recipes list.

3 - In the Recipe configuration page, click on the Content tab.

4 - In the "Labels" section, enable the Copy labels from source issue option. 

5 - Click on the Save button.


With this simple configuration, when a user triggers the "Add to Knowledge Base" recipe from issue SUP-1, the two labels from the issue "Analysis" and "Post-Mortem" will automatically be added to the Confluence page.


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