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Audit logs

What are audit logs?

Elements Publish to Confluence lets you automate the publication of Confluence pages from your Jira Cloud instance, either manually or during workflow post-functions.

In order to offer Jira admins a better view of these automated tasks, the "Audit logs" page of the Publish to Confluence administration lists all the page creations attempted by the add-on during the last 30 days.

Available information

Each row in the audit logs table provides information on a page creation attempt by Publish to Confluence. For each attempt, here is what can be found: 

DateThe date and time of the page creation attempt.

The result of the page creation attempt : 

INFO means the page was successfully created

ERROR means an error occurred that prevented the page creation

RecipeThe name of the recipe that was used during the page creation.

The way the recipe was triggered : 

MANUAL means the recipe was triggered manually

POST-FUNCTION means the recipe was triggered during a workflow post-function

REST API means the recipe was triggered by a call to the REST API

SourceThe key of the issue from which the recipe was triggered.

Either a confirmation message in case of success, or an error message indicating the reason for the error. There are two kinds of errors : problems in the recipe configuration, or Jira configuration errors (which are marked with a JIRA RESPONSE tag).

Error messages

The possible configuration errors returned during a workflow post-function are: 

Recipe ignored : source conditions are not satisfiedYour recipe specifies a "Project", an "Issue Type", a "Status", or a JQL filter in its "Source" tab, which are not the same as the ones of the source issue during the workflow transition where the recipe is being called.
Missing parameters in recipe target : space or parent pageYour recipe does not specify any "Space" or any "Parent page" in its "Target" tab.
The connection to Confluence in unavailable.The "Elements Publish to Confluence Helper" add-on has been uninstalled from your Confluence Cloud instance.

Maximum number of recipe execution reached

A given recipe can only be called a limited number of times per minute, please wait before trying again if this message is displayed.


An error returned by Jira. 
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