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Which fields can I copy from Jira to Confluence?

You can find an up-to-date list of fields that can be copied from Jira issues to Confluence pages in the following page of our documentation: Jira fields and data copied to Confluence.

Where is my data stored?

Security has always been core to our apps offering, and delivering on your expectations in this area is a top priority for our company. 

All your app data is safely stored in our database, located in an AWS Data Center in North Virginia, USA. You can find more information about privacy and security on our Marketplace listing

We know that for some companies data residency is an important topic when choosing an app and we are currently working on providing this option to our customers in the mid-term future. 

How can I request the deletion of my data?

At Elements, we value the data and privacy of all our customers, even after they stop using our products.

That is why we have put in place a data sanitization procedure which ensures that your data is removed from our environments once you stop using our Cloud applications upon your request.

Here are the steps that you must follow to ask for your data and configurations to be deleted: 

  1. Retrieve your SEN, it will be your key to trigger this process
  2. Uninstall our add-on from your Cloud instance
  3. Open a ticket on our Support portal, it must indicate:
    1. "Data sanitization request" as the "Summary" of your ticket
    2. Your SEN, in the "SEN" field of the request
    3. The host URL of your Cloud instance in the "Description" (for example "")

Once this request has been approved by our Support team, you still have two weeks to cancel it should you change your mind.

Please note that when the two week window closes, your data will be entirely deleted from our environment, with no possibility of restoring it.

How can I retrieve my recipes after changing my Cloud instance base url or client id?

Atlassian allows the customers of Jira Standard, Premium, or Enterprise plans to update the URLs of their Cloud instances.

If you decide to follow this procedure, your Elements Publish recipes will become temporarily unavailable. No data of yours will be lost, but we will have to update your Atlassian infos in our database in order to switch your Elements data to your new URL and client identifier.

To do this, simply open a ticket in our Support portal so we can proceed with the necessary migration steps.

Which internet browser are supported by Elements Publish ?

All our apps are compatible with the browsers listed below:

  • Google Chrome: latest version RECOMMENDED
  • Mozilla Firefox: latest version
  • Apple Safari: latest version
  • Microsoft Edge: latest version

You can use an older version of any browsers listed, but we cannot guarantee that all the features will work as expected.
For security and performance reasons, it's highly recommended to keep your browsers up to date by activating the automatic updates.

JavaScript must be enabled in your browser in order for our app to work.

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