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Global settings

What are the global settings?

Most of Elements Publish configuration is done through recipes. However, some settings are common to all recipes. These are refered as global settings and can be configured in a dedicated page.

This page can be accessed through the app main menu.


This section lets you configure how the Elements Publish public API can be used.


Use this button to create an API token that can be used for API authentication.

Please note that, once created, a token can only be seen once. However, it is possible to create another token, which will automatically revoke the previous one.


Selecting an API actor is mandatory to use the public REST API, as all action triggered through the API will be done impersonating this Jira user. Consequently, only users with the required Jira permissions should be chosen as an API actor.

Learn more

The following tutorial shows how the API can be used to trigger recipes : How to create Confluence pages with Publish and Automation.

Export configuration

This section lets you export a zip file which contains the configuration of Elements Publish in your instance. They include the full configuration of your recipes, the list of pages created, and your audit logs.

These files can be used when support is required.

Import configuration

This section lets you import a .json file which contains the recipes of an Elements Publish instance. The .json file includes the full configuration of your recipes.

All recipes will be imported as draft and won't erase your existing recipes, even if they have the same name.

Learn more

The following tutorial shows how you export and import recipes configuration: Export and import recipes configuration.

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