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Create charts

It is possible to create charts from Spreadsheet tables via several third party apps.

Here we will show you how to create chars with the Chart Macro available by default in Confluence and with the Table, Filter and Charts for Confluence macro.

Step 1 - Create a Spreadsheet document

The first step is to create a Spreadsheet. Be warned that, to be compatible with the chart macro, some limitations apply :

  • Only the first sheet of the document can be used in a chart

  • The standard formatting must be used. Indeed, the chart macro does not handle numerical values formatted (as currency, percentage, ...), it only handles raw numerical values.

Create Chart from Table

Create Chart from Table

Step 2 - Create and configure the Chart macro

  1. Click on "+" in the action bar to open the insert menu. Then click on Other macros.

  2. In the upper-right search box start typing "Chart" and finally select select Chart macro

  3. The Chart macro editor will now pop up.

In our example, we want to generate a bar chart after the Spreadsheet table. We used those settings: 

  • Type: bar

  • Display rendered data: before

Because the Spreadsheet macro does not render any table in the Confluence editor, it it not possible to visualize a preview of the Chart from the chart macro settings.

As a workaround, if you have trouble configuring the chart, you can:

  • create a standard confluence table with the same layout as your Spreadsheet

  • use it to configure the chart

  • replace it with the Spreadsheet macro.

Step 3 - Move the Spreadsheet into Chart 

The last step is to move the Spreadsheet macro into the Table and Filter macro:

  • Now simply drag & drop or cut & paste your spreadsheet into the Chart macro

Edit Chart from Table macro

Edit Chart from Table macro

In this example we have seen how to create a bar chart from data stored in a Spreadsheet table. 

It is possible to generate any type of chart (pie, line, bar, area, ...) as long as the data generated by Spreadsheet is compatible.

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