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Changelogs [PT]


At Elements, your feedback is important. To share your thoughts or ideas about how the app should evolve, book a call with our Product Team.

We share the same journey with our users, that's why our company puts an emphasis on transparency. 

In this page, you can follow the content of our releases to stay connected!

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  • Cloud

URL column type is now supported as part of Project tables.



  • Cloud

Introducing Conditional Coloring to Project Tables

Customize your project tables with colors based on specific conditions. This visual aid helps in quickly identifying project statuses, priorities, deadlines, and more, facilitating faster decision-making and improved project tracking.

Learn more about Conditional Coloring

More features:

  • Additional configuration options added to Number column: Decimal Places and support for negative numbers



  • Cloud

New column type: People

Use People columns to mention users from your Confluence site.

Learn more about the People column type.


  • Cloud

Introducing a new column type: Select lists

Supercharge project tracking by recording statuses, priority levels, severity levels, process steps with the new Select list column type.

Learn more about the Select list column type


  • Cloud


  • Cloud

Convert existing Confluence tables into Project Tables.

Learn more


  • Cloud

Introducing our newest macro for Project Management!

Explore our documentation or try it yourself in our Playground. Contact our support team for access.

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