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Calculate attributes formulas

Calculate attributes allow you to provide dynamic content in your elements Checklist


The calculate attribute allows you to define a formula based on other attributes in the element or based on issue fields.

There are two formula modes : Basic and advanced

In basic mode, you formula will look like this :

Basic formula example

Amount * (1 - Done) + "Base cost"

In advanced mode, an equivalent formula will look like this:

Advanced formula example

if (element.Done) {
	return element.Amount + element["Base cost"];
else {
	return element["Base cost"];

Basic mode

The basic mode is for simple calculation: you can add, substract, multiply or divide many element attributes.

Check the Basic formula page to check out what basic mode can do

Advanced mode

The advanced mode is for more advanced calculation. You can use complex control statements (if/else) and you can reference issue fields.

Check the Advanced formula page to check out what advanced mode can do


  • Numbers in formula and intermediate calculation results are limited to a maximum of 100 000 000 000 000. If this maximum is reached, a calculation error is display (number overflow)
  • Number calculation have a precision limited to 5 decimal digits.
  • When a calculate attribute is edited / created on an existing panel, a re-indexing of Jira is needed to use the new attribute in JQL searches (server only)

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