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General settings

In the general settings tab, we can define the name and issue types associations of a panel

Panel name

Name of a panel as it will be seen from the issues and as it will be referenced in JQL queries.
Panel names are unique per project.

Checklist panel configuration panel name

Elements Checklist panel Expenses as seen in Issue view

Issue types

An Elements Checklist panel can be associated to one or many issue types.

When a panel is associated to an issue type, it will be visible from the Issue view under another panel named Elements Checklist.

If an issue type has more than one panels associated to it, they will all be visible under the Elements Checklist panel, sorted by creation order.

Checklist panel for different issue types

JSM Customer Portal specifics (Cloud only)

When you configure an Elements Checklist panel on a project of type Jira Service Management, you can specify to make it visible for Customers

Cloud only

Checklist visibility in JSD Cloud

This feature is available on Jira Cloud only. We have a feature request opened for the Server compatibility 

We are waiting for the API used by Elements Checklist Cloud to be released on Jira Server.

Do you want this feature on Jira Service Management server?
Please vote: ELT-12

Visible on Customer Portal

You can choose to make your Elements Checklist panel appear in Customer Portal by enabling it into configuration.

Learn more about Elements Checklist in Jira Service Management Cloud here.

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