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Jira Service Management specifics (Cloud only)

When you configure an Elements Checklist panel on a project of type Jira Service Management , you can make it visible for Customers

Elements Checklist configuration for JSM

Visible on Customer Portal

From Elements Checklist project administration, you can choose to make your Elements Checklist panel appear in Customer Portal by enabling the option.

Display Checklist panel in JSD portal Cloud

Select to display your panel in Customer Portal

Request types

When Visible on Customer Portal is enabled, you can specify on which request types screens it will be available. Leave it blank to make it appear all the time.

Mandatory panel

You can also make a panel mandatory by checking the option "Can't be empty on JSM requests" and specify a custom warning message to display if this panel is left empty by user. Default warning message is "This field is required".

User Portal experience

Checklist panel JSD portal

Due to some permission and Jira API limitations, some attribute types are not supported on Customer Portal (these attributes will be displayed with a (warning) icon) :

  • User
  • Versions
  • Components
  • File

If the mandatory option was enabled and panel is empty during submission, the warning message will be displayed.

Once the request type is created, the Elements Checklist panels will be visible in Read-only mode on View request type screen

Checklist panel portal view

Of course, Elements Checklist panel will still be visible (and editable if permission settings allow it) on Agent View.

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