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Triggers settings to synchronize issues

In the Triggers configuration tab, you can find settings that let you define when your synchronization will be triggered.

Synchronization condition

This section lets you define the relationship of the issues that will be synchronized by the recipe.

Link between source and target issues

Use this option to define the link that must exist between the source and target issue of the synchronization. At least one link type is mandatory for the synchronization to be enabled.

Bulk trigger

This section lets you list all the issues that can be synchronized based on the recipe configuration, and active the synchronization if needed.

List synchronizable issues

Use this option to list all the issues that can be synchronized by the recipe. These issues must satisfy the conditions defined in the Source, Target, and Triggers tab.

Activate sync

Once the synchronizable issues have been listed, you can see which issues are currently synchronized by the recipe and which are not synchronized.
Because issues linked before the recipe has been activated are not automatically synchronized, you can apply the recipe to pre-existing linked issues with this option.

In this table, the "Source issue" column lists the issues that match the Source tab of the recipe and which are linked to issues that match the Target tab with a link defined in the Triggers tab.
The "Synchronized" column indicates whether the synchronization is currently enabled (green icon) or not (grey icon).

Clicking on the Activate sync button enables the synchronization for all the issues listed in the table.

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