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Step 4 - Configure the operation

Last step of the Elements Copy & Sync set-up: the operation that will create our new Confluence page.

Publish Jira issues in Confluence Operation

The following parameters must be set within your Elements Copy & Sync operation:

  • Server: choose your target Confluence environment. Make sure the application link is correctly set between your JIRA and Confluence, otherwise the option will not be available
  • Parent select mode: 'Select page'. the parent page will always be the same
  • Space and parent page: select the space and parent page that corresponds to your target parent page
  • Field mapping: select the previously created mapping
  • Check 'Page update' and 'Notification'. In this case the Confluence pages that are created by Elements Copy & Sync will be updated once the operation is triggered again from the issue and if you mapped field has been edited. Watchers of the new pages will be notified of the changes.

Everything is now set-up. In the issue window, the new operation will appear as below:

Operation in Jira to Publish Jira issues in Confluence

 Once the user clicks on "Publish Story in Confluence", a window will pop up and the issue will be added to Confluence server.

Please try your new configuration and adapt it to your needs!


Looking to implement this on Jira Cloud?
This feature is available on Cloud as a stand-alone app :
Elements Publish.

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