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Survey triggering

Once a survey has been created, it will be available by your agents during start date and end date.

A few things to keep in mind about surveys:

  • surveys created within Elements Pulse will be available in all projects included in the analysis

  • surveys will be available on all request types of your project(s)

  • surveys should be triggered manually by your agents

  • customers will answer surveys on the portal view

Where to trigger a survey?

On all requests created in your projects, your agents will access a new option in the action menu of the request: “Trigger NPS survey

This option is available at any time in the request lifecycle, you don’t need to wait for a resolution to trigger the survey.

You will be able to choose the survey you want to trigger, among the list of all surveys available.
This selection is made based on:

  • Start/End dates

  • Status → only going surveys will be available

What does my customer see?

Once survey has been triggered:

  • a comment will be posted on behalf of the agent who triggered the survey, mentioning your customer

  • following this comment, your customer will receive an email (depending on your notifications process defined within Jira)

  • within the Jira Service Management portal, your customers will access directly on their request a rating scale, from 1 to 10, to evaluate your services.

How can I access the response?

On your JSM project, in the request view, your agents can access a “Survey” Button, just under the request summary.

Clicking on “Survey” will bring out a panel under request description, where you’ll find:

  • survey triggering date


  • response score

    Survey global insights will be available within Elements Pulse, by clicking on “Track insights”:

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