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Update Confluence pages with synchronized data from Jira

With Elements Publish to Confluence, any update made to a Jira issue can be automatically synchronized to a Confluence page so that your documents are always up-to-date and remain a single source of truth.

Keep Jira and Confluence in sync

Once a Confluence page has been created from a Jira issue, it doesn't necessarily mean that the Jira issue won't change anymore. Far from it!

Thanks to Elements Publish to Confluence, when a field is updated in Jira, its value can be automatically updated in the Confluence page as well. If, for example, the "Description" of your Jira issue appears somewhere in the related Confluence page, any change made to it will be reflected in the page, so that Jira and Confluence are always in sync with one another.

This behavior is completely customizable, so you can mix and match which embedded fields are updated and which are not.

Using Jira and Confluence together

Confluence pages are not static, but rather living documents which keep being updated with new information long after their creation

This means that a stakeholder may need to change a Confluence page and add new content, even if it was originally created from a Jira issue. With Elements Publish to Confluence, this whole process is smooth: users can make changes to a Confluence page, and if the related Jira issue is updated, the embedded Jira fields will be automatically synchronized on the Confluence page without overwriting the changes made in the meantime by any Confluence user.

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