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Guide your users as much as you need with simple recipes

Elements Copy & Sync is made to suit all types of users, from beginners to more experienced Jira users. Thus, copy recipes can be configured to offer as much or as little guidance as necessary.

Control which Jira issues can be copied

Different issues often require completely different actions. That is why Copy & Sync Cloud recipes can be customized to any situation.

Whether you want your copy recipes to be only available for issues in a given project, or for a couple of issue types in a specific status, or even only for issues with a distinct label and priority, you will have complete control over where the copies can be performed by your users.

Narrow down where your issues will be copied

Depending on the number of projects on your Jira instance, copying an issue to a different project can quickly become overwhelming.

Fortunately, Copy & Sync Cloud allows Jira administrators to configure precisely where issues can be copied with our recipes. Restricting copies to a selection of target projects, or even to a single one, is just a few clicks away.

Similarly, if you want your copies to always have the same issue type, for example to escalate your customer tickets as "Bug" issues in a development project, you will only need to set a couple of options.

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