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Configuration tester

We are excited to introduce a new feature in Elements Connect that allows users to test the configuration of custom fields (CF) and connected items (CI). This feature provides a comprehensive testing environment to ensure your configurations are correctly set up before deployment.

BETA Please note, this feature is currently in beta and will evolve frequently based on user feedback.

Configuration that can be tested

Datasource Connection

When setting up your datasource, you can test the connection to your database or REST API directly within the Elements Connect app. This is the first step that will ensures the connection settings are correct and the integration will work seamlessly.

Learn how to configure your datasource here 👉 Datasource configuration

SQL Queries and API Calls with no dependencies

For Custom Fields (CF) and Connected Items (CI) with no dependencies, you can test SQL queries and API calls simply by clicking on “Run” in the results section to verify that the data is fetched correctly and the configurations are accurate.

  • API calls will return data in a formatted JSON structure.

  • Database queries will provide results in both a formatted JSON structure and a table view. Max results exposed will be 1000.

SQL Queries and API Calls with dependencies

For Custom Fields and Connected Items with dependencies, you have the ability to replace the values of dependencies during testing. This allows for dynamic testing of how different dependency values affect the results and ensures that all scenarios are covered.

⚠️ However, not all dependencies are supported yet. Please find below dependencies that are not supported yet.

Known limitations

  • The field type of the dependency is not checked. During testing, you need to be aware if the field is of type object or snapshot and define the appropriate value accordingly. Read more about snapshot & object fields here 👉

  • The current configuration tester does not support yet the testing of the look and feel of custom fields and connected items.

  • Some dependencies are not handled in the testing environment. Specifically, following dependencies:

Dependencies not handled:



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