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Connected fields configuration

We provide 2 types of connected fields with Elements Connect

But what are those, how do they differ and when should I use a Connected item instead of a Custom field?

Custom fields

With the help of our free companion app, we offer fully integrated Jira Forge custom fields, using Elements Connect data sources.

For now, we only provide a connected select list, available in Jira Software and Jira Work Management projects (Jira Service Management is not in the scope due to Atlassian limitation, watch and vote for the related Change Request)

Connect custom fields can be used:

  • in the context of Jira Software or Work Management projects
  • if needed in the creation screen
    • compatible with workflow validators and conditions
  • to create advanced reporting using native Jira JQL
  • to integrate with 3rd party apps (Automation, Elements Copy & Sync, Script Runner)
  • to import data from On Premise

Custom fields configuration

Connected items

Use this if you need to use connected fields directly on the customer's portal in Jira Service Management.

As an Atlassian cloud limitation, Connected can't be used in the creation screen of Jira Software and Work management projects.
They are still usable in the view screen of any project types.

Connect connected items can be used:

  • on the request creation form on the portal
  • if multi-select lists or read-only items type are needed
  • if dependencies between items are needed

Connected items configuration

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