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Administration Guide

Elements Connect administration is available to Jira administrators via standard administration navigation: either via a menu entry in Jira's addons administration or the Jira's global administration access gg shortcut (by typing Connect).

Elements Connect administration

Elements Connect administration

Administration overview

Elements Connect configuration and use cases revolve around:

  1. Configuring datasources or using pre-configured ones,

  2. Using those datasources in Elements Connect fields,

  3. Using Elements Connect fields values or keys via dedicated post-functions.

The administration section also allows to import/export backups of your Elements Connect configuration and create support dumps (anonymized configuration of your fields and datasources) that will be asked if you contact our support. These technical tasks are available in the Import / Export tab of the administration page.

Additional information

As a Jira administrator, there is some useful information that may help you in your day-to-day tasks:

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