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Calculated footers for numeric fields

The footer for numeric field feature introduces enhanced functionality for number fields within overviews. It allows users to perform calculations on numerical data, directly displayed in the footer section. This enables users to aggregate and analyze numerical data more efficiently without the need for external tools or manual calculations.

The footers are exclusively accessible on Overviews with the Table display (refer to Display).

For any number field type, you can configure the following operations:

  • Sum

  • Mean

  • Minimum

  • Maximum

  • Product

  • Median

overview calculated footer.png

Note that the operations are conducted on every issues in the overview, not only the ones displayed on the first page

The configuration is done in the Content page of the overview administration in 2 steps:

  1. After adding a number field, click on configure in the Footer column

overview calculated footer configuration 1.png
  1. Select the wanted operation to conduct on the configured field

overview calculated footer configuration 2.png

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