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Display issues hierarchy in overviews

The Issues Hierarchy in overviews is a feature designed to provide a hierarchical representation of related issues within Jira tickets. It allows users to visualize the relationship between parent and child issues in a structured table format, enhancing clarity and organization in project management workflows.

Hierarchies are exclusively accessible in Overviews using the Table display (see Display).

It is based on the parent link and has three levels of hierarchy:

  • Epic

  • Stories

  • Sub-tasks

overview issue hierarchy.png

To configure the display of hierarchies in an overview, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Content section of the overview.

  2. Enable the “Display Hierarchy” toggle.

By default, only descendants will be displayed. To include both ascendants and descendants, enable the “Rigid Hierarchy” option.

overview issue hierarchy configuration.png

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