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Change logs

Release date


Cache configuration & post-function update of object fields & improvements on configuration tester

API requests tester & database query tester

Security improvements

Forge remote implementation to improve performances

POST operator for REST APIs data sources is now available

New user interface for Jira fields dependencies


Live custom fields and Multi-values custom fields


Dependencies on Jira custom fields values


Read-only Connected custom fields


Cascading fields based on Connect field values


Initial release of Elements Connect helper app

We bring the possibility of configuring actual custom fields available on Jira issue creation screens


Authorization code grant type (OAuth2) for REST API datasources (Salesforce, Hubspot, Notion)


A brand new settings tab to export your configuration


You can now query services that require custom headers to be passed with an HTTP request to authenticate.


Client credentials flow of OAuth2 for REST API datasources:

New authentication option to connect to REST APIs protected by the client credentials flow of OAuth2 protocol. Fetch data from datasources like Microsoft Azure AD, Netsuite and many more, including in house services.


Hide read-only Connected items from the issue view in JWM and Software:
Populate a Connected item and its mirror field in Jira Work Management and Jira Software for use by Automation, workflow validators, or more, but hide it on the issue view if not relevant for users. Configure advanced use cases based on data you fetch, without cluttering issues with fields users shouldn’t see.


Multi-select list Connected items allow you to select and save several values for the same Connected item


Add dependencies to the Reporter to display data related to the Reporter in your Connected items.

View the JSON response of queries to REST API datasources using API key authentication while configuring a Connected item.


We’ve redesigned our logo for Elements Connect to reflect the maturity of our offering, while keeping our iconic visual system based on primary shapes that evokes the idea of elements you assemble together.


Elements Connect global admin had a facelift! A brand new navigation side bar provides insight into the connected item configuration journey for greater convenience.


Create advanced request forms with dynamic queries based on nested attributes & objects of other connected item. Ideal when fetching data from a REST API to display data depending on user inputs.

Learn how to configure Connected item dependencies in our documentation. See the example of dynamic queries in cascading items with a CRM (HubSpot) datasource.


Queries based on request type attributes, plus UX improvements & a security fix 


Mirror fields can be moved to trash & minor bug fixes


Queries using issue type attributes are now possible


REST APIs datasources available for everyone


New authentication mode on REST API datasources: API Key


Dynamic queries based on project dependencies


Basic authentication available for REST API Beta program


No more restrictions on Jira user email addresses


New datasources: REST APIs beta program


New cache on queries for better performances


Bug fix


No-code query editor for SQL databases


Query databases with more than 1000 results - Security bug fix


Improved architecture


Improved UX of the Elements Connect editor


Elements Connect admin polish


Bug fixes


Connected items available in Jira Software & Jira Work Management


Current user's email address dependency


More control on mirror fields / Bug fixes


New datasource: Oracle databases


Control mirror field creation


New datasources: MSSQL Server & Azure databases


Bug fix


Hidden items security fix / Bug fixes


Connected items values stored in our database


New datasource: MySQL databases


Bug fix


Enhanced onboarding experience / Increased number of connected items per request type


Interface now available in French / Fix XSS and DB cache security issues


Database information fully encrypted


Fix security issue


Fix XSS and SSRF security issues


Fixes a bug impacting the request view on portal and a security issue


End of the extension of the free version for our beta users and security improvements


Stability improvement


Agents can edit connected items from the issue view


Fix critical security issue


Elements Connect becomes a paid app


Announcement of the paid app

Minor optimizations


iOs, Android and Mac apps compatibility


Elements Connect values moved to a glance view in the new issue view


Customer feedback for datasource


Global admin UX polish

Error messages are now visible by Jira admin from the JSM portal

Try our preconfigured examples


Hide readonly connected items on portal


Shortcut between global and project admin


New Connection pool to improve performances


Initial beta release

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