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At Elements, your feedback is important. To share your thoughts or ideas about how the app should evolve, book a call with our Product Team.

We share the same journey with our users, that's why our company puts an emphasis on transparency. 

In this page, you can follow the content of our releases to stay connected!

Release dateRelease content

Security improvement


Bug fixes

  • Since v3.11.17, multiple display and selection problems occur when scrolling vertically

  • Copy and cut actions from the context menu no longer work


Introducing our newest macro for Project Management!

Check out our documentation or try it for yourself in our Playground (request access to our Product Manager


Bug fixes

  • Data validation is broken when importing an XLSX file

  • Macro breaks after deleting the tab used for display in the macro properties

  • Cannot copy the tab name nor Spreadsheet macro title


  • Deprecated Confluence V1 API endpoints were migrated to V2 API

  • Security vulnerabilities were patched


Stay informed of new comments added to your Spreadsheet documents directly from your Confluence pages. 🗨️ Read more 🗨️

Say goodbye to missed comments or delayed responses. Elements Spreadsheet's new notification feature ensures you're always up to date, helping you make faster decisions and work more efficiently.


Seamlessly collaborate with team members directly in your spreadsheets. You can provide feedback, context, and instructions where it matters most - within cells.

Find out how to enhance your spreadsheet collaboration today with Elements Spreadsheet's new Comment feature.



Significant improvements in the performance of the Elements Spreadsheet editor, aimed at delivering an even better user experience. 


This release patches a security vulnerability.

It also speeds up the import of Excel files that contain data validation applied to an infinite range



You can now generate Confluence charts from your Spreadsheet macros! Visualize your Spreadsheet data and conveniently gain insights by displaying it in Confluence charts. Get started with this how-to article!


Bug fixes

The following release fixes the following bugs:

  • When importing from Excel, cells containing lists (data validation) do not work correctly

  • Cannot import XLS files

  • Focus in the Spreadsheet title input box is lost when naming the Spreadsheet document after typing content inside the Spreadsheet (Cloud only)


  • URLs are automatically converted to hyperlinks



This version fixes an issue where Spreadsheet macros located on pages migrated from Confluence Server load infinitely (Cloud only)


Spreadsheet macros are compatible with all Confluence templates (Cloud only)

  • A quick access to Lists was added to the toolbar ribbon (Cloud and On-premise)


The following bugs were fixed:

  • Dates in cells overflow

  • Decimal places moved to the left are lost on numbers and currencies

  • Rows deleted from a filter also deletes rows that are not part of the filter

  • applying a formula when there are no cells available in the editor crashes the app

  • At times, filters are not correctly applied


The following bugs were fixed:

  • Some keyboard shortcuts lead to data loss

  • Extending cells containing dates down-ward increments years

  • Extending cells containing numbers down-ward increments numbers by 100

The following improvement has been shipped:

  • Improved the way tab names are rendered in PDF exports (Cloud)


The following bugs were fixed:

  • Confluence pages hang when Spreadsheet is installed (On-premise only) - PARTLY FIXED (bug logged by Atlassian where pages containing a spreadsheet document and a code block macro hang - PLEASE VOTE for this bug and leave a comment if you are impacted)

  • Wrong text alignment option is displayed

  • App crashes when an infinite number of rows and columns is unselected


UX enhancements:

We enhanced user experience by making naming your Spreadsheet document a breeze.

We're also bringing all of the useful resources to users directly inside the app. Access to our support portal, documentation and even the app's Product Manager is now one click away!

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where importing an empty Excel file failed
  • Fixed an issue where the app crashes after hiding column containing merged cells


Bug fixes:

  • Solved an issue where dates are wrongly rendered when exported to Excel

  • Solved an issue where the app caused an issue with user Tasks from version 3.10.7 onwards

  • Solved an issue where a Spreadsheet document cannot be saved after creating a list from a range


  • You can now unselect multiple cells by pressing Enter + unselect

  • Added a “Find help” button in the custom templates UI

Security patch:

  • Patched a security vulnerability



Add Data validation using lists from a range

Apply data validation in your spreadsheet and control what users can enter into a cell to simplify data entry and reduce typing errors. Create drop down list from a range and select multiple non-contiguous ranges to feed your list. 



  • New shortcut: type “[]+Enter” to add a checkbox
  • More toolbar options visually show as enabled when applied to a selection

Bug fixes:

  • Cannot save custom template after a change (Cloud only);
  • Can't set the decimal value lower than 0.01.


Bug fix:

  • URL link does not appear when added to an empty cell

Vulnerability patch:


Custom templates


Bug fixes:

  • Wrong table associated after dragging a sheet tab
  • Double-click resize not applied when the column is narrower than its content
  • Unwanted characters are inserted when several users are mentioned in a cell


Improved formulas

Bug fixes:

  • Can't export a Spreadsheet with an invalid URL link to Excel
  • Double-clicking in a cell right after putting a @mentions clears the cell
  • Changing the order of tabs doesn't work properly
  • Unable to write in Korean/Japanese/Chinese languages
  • Japanese characters entered in a Spreadsheet document name are replaced by “_”
  • Display issues when dealing with merges and headers/footers

Bug fixes:

  • Chrome 105 break the user mentions and dates insertion
  • Border problems on merged cells when exporting to Excel
  • Excel Exports don't handle headers and footers

Bug fixes:

  • Type backspace removes the list applied on the cell
  • Arrows' navigation does not work when editing a cell

Bug fixes:

  • Remove the horizontal scroll bar when adding a list on a cell of the last column
  • User mention is broken for a certain user with a different userId format
Create from a template with pre-formatted Spreadsheets
Improved macro to insert a Spreadsheet document

Bug fixes:

  • The decimal number resets after applying formatting on a cell
  • Issue with alternating colors and header between edit and view mode

Elements Spreadsheet evolves with a new app logo

Add checkboxes to cells

Title management for migrated instances


Bug fix:

  • Elements Spreadsheet documents can no longer be saved

Bug fix:

  • AttachmentId not found since 1.4.98-AC

In-app feedback and better title management


Excel export improvement

Bug fix:

  • Can't export a Spreadsheet to PDF/Word with special characters in title

Bug fixes:

  • Drop-down list options cannot be selected when scrolling vertically through the Spreadsheet document
  • Sort is hidden by tables

Display an existing Spreadsheet document (cloud only)

Bug fixes:

  • Filters are not functioning correctly
  • Can't export in PDF or Word after migrating

Bug fixes:

  • Borders imported from Excel file into Spreadhseet are cleared once the Spreadsheet is saved
  • Excel Exports don't handle borders properly
  • Borders are not maintained when creating a Spreadsheet from Excel file
  • Line breaks are not displayed
  • The "IF" function crashes the Spreadsheet document when the cell is empty
  • Migration - macro properties are not kept after migration

Bug fixes:

  • Typing a word that contains the letters t, c, m resets the cell content
  • Migration - Files name including certain characters can't be displayed

Export PDF improvement

Bug fixes:

  • Improve title export with Scroll pdf exporter
  • Font size doesn't work on macro edit view
Security improvement

Link feature 

Bug fix:

  • Can't apply a custom color


Bug fix:

  • Spreadsheet data shrinks when saving and re-editing
Alternating colors


Bug fix:

  • Pressing ENTER in the Alfred textbox change the cell focus


Bugs fix and migration path enabled


Export PDF improvement and bug fix


Alfred in app feedback button


Bug fix:

  • Spreadsheet formatting is not preserved when exporting a confluence page

Formula updates results when rows/columns are hidden


Bug fix:

  • Formula updates results when rows/columns are hidden


Bug fixes:

  • Line breaks are not preserved when a document is exported to Excel
  • Cells with line breaks are not preserved when importing an Excel file
  • Can't adjust cell width at any time


Bug fixes:

  • The content of a Confluence page located before the Spreadsheet document prevents its edition
  • Subtotal based on a filter is not saved
  • Copy/Paste rows or columns by clicking on the row/column ID


Bug fix:

  •  Lists are not copied to cells in inserted rows


Bug fix:

  • Error when visuals are not visible


Bug fixes:

  • Most of the shortcuts erase the cell content
  • Subtotal is not updated based on selected filter


Security improvements

Bug fix:

  • Unable to edit a Spreadsheet document after a few minute


Bug fix:

  • Attachment access locks are not cleaned before computing access type


Minor improvements

Bug fixes:

  • Copy-Paste a number on a cell in a text format doesn't work
  • Impossible to paste number which cell has Text format
  • User mentions not resolved when limit reachs 25 mentions
  • Cursor move at cell content end when typing between two characters


Drop-down lists and custom color options


Bug fix:

  • Cannot install cloud App on new Confluence platform


Bug fix:

  • Table with more than 199 lines shows no data when imported and edited


Features to support collaborative work (including user mentions)


Bug fix:

  • Error when migrate old document from 3.2.0 to 3.3.0 without style


UI improvements


Security vulnerability fix


Bug fixes:

  • Cell with DateTime format not correctly rendered
  • Usage of arrows keys when editing a cell not working
  • Some formula references are not detected
  • Solving error when importing xls file with hidden datas
  • Spreadsheet documents (PDF/Word) are not exported with the page.


Filter data in tables


Headers and footers and sort features 


New branding, improved excel import and better pages drafts support


Minor fix for safari


New editor, better UI & performances, more formulas


Merge cells and display content on several lines


Excel export and enhanced display


Bug fixes:

  • Unable to import a file while creating a new Spreadsheets in Confluence 5.9+
  • Issues when hitting escape while editing a formula or the title
  • Do not display the edit button to users with only read permission
  • Cannot navigate with arrow keys before clicking inside the editor


Spreadsheets tables are now better integrated in Confluence pages


Spreadsheets Cloud version
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