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Feature Parity comparison

Data sources

Need a data source not listed below? Tell our Product Manager more about it.


Implementation status


SQL Databases

(tick) Available

Databases supported (tick)

  • Microsoft Azure SQL Database
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Oracle Database (Service identification)
  • PostgreSQL
Jira JQL(tick) Available

You can connect to the Jira REST API JQL endpoint by following this tutorial

Jira REST(tick) Available

You can connect to the Jira REST API by following this tutorial

LDAP(tick) Available*

You can connect to most LDAP REST API by inspiring you with this tutorial

*except LDAP without REST API

REST APIs (URL)(tick) Available

Microsoft Azure AD

(tick) Available

You can connect to the Azure AD REST API by following this tutorial


(tick) Available

Zendesk(tick) Available
Files(error) Unavailable
Jira SQL(minus) Not possible

Atlassian does not give access to Jira database on Cloud. However, the Jira REST API may fit your needs. 

You can connect to the Jira REST API by following this tutorial.

Field types

Field type

Implementation status

Live text(tick) Available
Live user(error) Unavailable for the moment
Snapshot text(tick) Available
Snapshot date(error) Unavailable
Snapshot date time(error) Unavailable

Field editors




(tick) Available

Read only(tick) Available
Select list(tick) Available
Multi Select list(tick) Available
Cascading select list(tick) Available
Table(warning) Partly available - Using Freemarker for Connected items
Checklist(error) Unavailable
Radio button(error) Unavailable


Jira integration




Set value from Jira Service Management portal(tick) Available
Set value from Jira create issue screens(tick) AvailableNow available with Elements Connect helper app
Edit from issue view

(tick) Available

Edition is done in the issue view

JQL search

(tick) Available

For custom fields, the JQL search is totally available.

For connected items, search is done on the mirror field. To better understand this change, see the “Key concepts to understand” section of our Before you begin page.

Use Connected items in Jira Dashboards

(warning) Partly available

For custom fields, you can use values in the dashboards

For connected items, the mirror field can be displayed in some dashboard charts

Post function: Set value(error) Unavailable for the moment

Post function: Copy value(tick) AvailableFor custom fields, the options is Jira native "Copy field value"

Advanced field options




Dynamic query(tick) AvailableDynamic queries can be configured
Conditional query(error) Unavailable for the moment
Edit/Search queries & template(error) Unavailable
Cache(tick) Available5-minute non configurable cache for the datasource
Sort results(error) Unavailable
Filter results(error) Unavailable for the moment





REST API(warning) Partly available
Java API(minus) Not possibleElements Connect code is running outside of your Jira instance, in our own servers. Therefore, you can't access Elements Connect Java API from your own scripts.
The recommended way will be to use Elements Connect REST API when it will be available.